Maria Blanco

Ongoing projects

Research projects

SUPREMA will help to close the gaps between expectations of policy makers and the actual capacity of models to deliver relevant policy analysis. The SUPREMA model family includes a set of ‘core models’ that are already used in support of key European impact assessments in agriculture, trade, climate and bioenergy policies. The meta-platform, the enhanced linked system of existing core models and some key applications melt down in a Roadmap for future directions for agricultural modelling in Europe.

SIM4NEXUS will develop innovative methodologies to facilitate the design of policies and bridge knowledge and technology gaps in the field of the water-land-food-energy-climate Nexus under climate change conditions.

SYNERCAP integrates socio-economic and agro-environmental analysis with the aim of identifying sustainability strategies and advising the design of coordinated policies to improve the sustainability of Mediterranean farming systems.

Research collaboration between sixteen European partners from universities, science academies and research institutions aimed at understanding the complex relationships between economic development, land use and ecosystem services in rural areas at different spatial scales.

ULYSSES aimes at analysing agricultural markets and to evaluate the impacts of markets’ volatility in the food supply chain in the EU and in developing countries.

  • «CAPRI-Water, Development of a water module into the CAPRI modelling system» (2011-2018). Funded by the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

CAPRI-Water extends the CAPRI model with a Water module to complement its existing environmental indicators and agri-environmental modelling capabilities. This modelling framework enables the joint assessment of agricultural and water policies.